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Lady Gaga Shocks Everyone At Oscar’s With Her Outfit

At the biggest main event of the cinema world “Oscar’s” every celebrity wants to make an impression through their appearance. So “A star is born” lead “Lady Gaga” rose to the occasion.

This is not that she was very delightful to share the same screen with her co-star “Bradley Cooper” as the iconic duo considered as the personalities who grabbed many eyeballs and everyone have special attention towards them.

It’s the night of Gaga for sure as she secured an accolade on her name for the original song. In her speech, she said “What I would like to say is: one of the hardest things in life is to be brave enough to be yourself,”

“I wish to everyone that is going to that celebration to feel a joy inside of them. That’s actually what Bradley said to me yesterday right before we did our last rehearsal for this performance of Shallow. He said, ‘Let’s just drop a little bit of joy.’ And I said, ‘Okay’. And turns out, joy did a whole lot for me.

Moreover, Their duet “Hollow” gain a lot of attention after the performance at Oscar’s in which From the moment they left their seats, the chemistry between Cooper and Gaga was absolutely sizzling. They held hands as they ascended the stairs before spending three minutes and 57 seconds staring so deeply into one another’s eyes and everyone was stunned by their performance and for some, it created a sense of jealousy as Cooper partner Irina Shayk had a strange look while they were performing.

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