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Bradley Martyn’s Crazy Moves In The Gym

Bradley Martyn The Breath Taking Bodybuilder With A Buff Body. He Performs Some Crazy Moves And Workouts in Gym. He Owns ZOO CULTURE The Famous gym in the United States Where Even Kai Green, Dan Bilzerian, Jeremy Buendia The Mr. Olympia Visit And Workout With Him. But His Moves In The Gym Cannot Be Performed By Any Other Guy Even Under Guidance. Last Month He Visited Dan Bilzerian’s House In LA For A Workout Session With Him.

Have A Look At The Stars And His Crazy Moves In Gym

Wishing a Merry Christmas To His Insta Fam By Pulling A Truck With Girls Loaded All Over.

He Visits Dan Bilzerian At His House In LA. And Asks The Audience Who’s Gym Is Better Dan Bilzerian’s Or The Bradley Martyn’s Zoo Culture.

Now This Is Really A Crazy Workout. Moreover, The Girls On The Rod And Squatting Maintaining The Balance Is Just Impossible.

Heard Of Bench Press But on a bench right? But A bench Press on a sofa? This Only Bradley Martyn Can Do. With His Insane Power.

Heard Of Deadlifts? Moreover, But With Same Weight On Both Sides Nothing Like This. One Side A 200KG And on the other 20kg High Risk Of Damaging The Lower Back.

Crazy Bradley Martyn, Deadlift To A Forearm Curl.

Seriously We Haven’t Seen A Guy Like Him.

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