ULTRA Australia First Day Glimpse


The electronic music festival the ULTRA. The outdoor annual festival where all the top artists perform. It is every year held in Miami Florida every march. After several states, countries it is back in Australia and with a bang. The first-day lineups are exciting and all the artists rocked the festival on the first day.


The festival is on 23rd and 24th February in Melbourne and Sydney respectively. The first-day lineups included and all the artists just had a fun time. THE CHAINSMOKERS WITH CLOSER MARSHMELLO WITH ALONE SLUSHII WITH NEVER LET YOU GO SUNSET BROS YOUNG BOMBS, And Yes Martin Garrix Too.


Everyone was just in a fun mood. With the attendance of above 30,000 people. All had a great time the pictures show marshmello performing slushii killing his day with the crowd. The first day ended with THE CHAINSMOKERS.


After the 1 day the second in Sydney with the same lineup. Let’s see how the second day ar Sydney goes up for the ultra music festival lovers.


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