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QLED TV’s Crushes Sales Of OLED TV’s Check This Out

The latest market analysis shows. QLED TV is estimated to have been sold over 1.08 million. The segment totally outpaced the sales of OLED TV’s. According to IHS market. 2.68 million QLED TV’s were sold in 2018. While OLED’s Were 2.52 million.


So there was a clear winner OLED TV’s. Moreover, the sales of QLED TV’s increased in the 4th quarter including the black Friday. OLED TV’s sales were 895,000 in the 4th quarter itself. While QLED was shipped 1.1 million sets. While competitive brand LG sold 5,19,000 in the final quarter. But in the sales amount, wise OLED brought more revenue than QLED US$6.53 million to US$6.34 million.

Lets See Who Beats Who In 2019. Stay Updated For The Latest News.

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