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People Go Mad On The New Anti LGBT Emoji By APPLE

Apparently, people around the world are lashing load on the apple on twitter as Apple has launched a new emoji which features as anti-LGBT + pride flag with a crossed-out circle place over it. As soon as it has gone viral on Twitter after being revealed by a user on Monday dated (18 February) people around the globe criticized for its anti-LGBT message which has sparked outrage where some make fun out of it.

Not just it Many people overseas have registered their displeasure with a clearly anti-LGBT emoji being used on Twitter. They feel humiliated and disgraced by the people when they see this anti-LGBT emoji been used on Twitter. Now the question comes did apple make an anti-LGBT emoji? The anti-LGBT emoji does not appear to have been made by Apple or the Unicode consortium, which generates emojis. instead, the striking image seems to be a glitch in the software.

As a twitter user called Mitchell, who is gay told out magazine on February 19. That he found the apparent flaw a month ago. He added further. He discovered the mistake by combining the blocks of Unicode which make up the pride flag with the Unicode that creates a circle with a slash through it. Further, He explained,” I’ve been embracing it, but it’s also dangerous for people to use it hatefully.”

Now let’s See What Apple Has To Say Be Updated With Us.

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