5 things India Can Do After Attacks In Pulwama

5 things

Yesterday a tragic incident happened as 42 soldiers were martyred after a suicide bomber parted his role in Killing soldiers. But India always fights back and already prepared for its next strike. They could use the following measures to ensure the incident never gonna happen.

1.Surgical strikes

The soldiers once again on their temperament and prepare themselves for the sudden attacks on enemy territory. As happened in Uri, soldiers are also have their anger on par level and they could cross every ethical limits to avenge the death of their companions.

  1. Total freedom of operation

Indian government should give total freedom to the armed forces and perform actions according to their planning and handling the covert operations as soon as possible.

Donating funds to martrayed Families

Government and citizens should come forward to this incident and help the needy families of soldiers who died in the incident. Specialized and authentic apps were made to support the families such as “Bharat ka veer”  which tends the user to donate a specific amount to the families according to its concern.

  1. Settle the conflict of Kashmir

This is the High time when this controversial matter of Kashmir should be closed forever. The decision has to be made on its referendum. So that there will be no more backstabbing by neighbour country terrorist. This could be a permanent solution for both countries.

  1. Declare war with Pakistan

Last and effective but destructive step nation could take is to declare open war with Pakistan. Which could destroy both the nation but ongoing incidents only indicated to a state of war in both countries as cowardice is the topmost preference of Pakistan. So it would be better to fight with their arms out straight.


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