Dan Bilzerian In The Fun Mood Have A Look

dan bilzerian

Yeah, his holidays look like fun and I’m sure that people are jealous of his lifestyle. And the way he spends his money but all over the world hang on his every Instagram post. But all of it looks a little like a cry for attention. Bilzerian shared every detail on his social accounts and mostly he’s been on a holiday on some island around the corner or in lavish hotels and lounge. He even declared open sky as “safer than roof” as he recently posted a picture with holding a girl on his yacht. Been around girls is kind of tradition to him.

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Safer than a roof

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Moreover, For weeks he’s been on holiday as he visited Necker Island. Tulum Beach and hosting a winter party in Park City, Utah. From playing tennis with a huge racket and to working out in the scorching heat. Moreover, His weekend has never been the same as followers and maybe these speculations gave him the tag of “king of Instagram”. But he can’t move away with the controversies as Women. In the industry aren’t happy about the overly sexualized billboards from Ignite(cannabis brand). Which they say don’t reflect where cannabis culture is heading. The main conflict is about their campaign as Ignite’s advertising campaign popping up across California in the form of massive outdoor advertisements features women in bikinis or lingerie accompanied by sexual puns. This has not been accepted by society.

Bilzerian is far from being the only offender in cannabis advertising. But his loud commercial presence has gathered a lot of attention.

According to data gathered by BDS Analytics in 2017. 44 percent of cannabis consumers were female and the average age of smokers across California, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado was 42.


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