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Wiz Khalifa’s New Song This Sunday Have A Look

Rapper Sensation “Wiz Khalifa” known for his quick responsive rap music and being high on the occasion of concerts too. So he always remains cool and calm as you like and he’s at it again dancing in his crib with taking a boom box in his hands.


Wiz Khalifa currently working on a project of“2009” with another sensation “Curren$y”. Their first single “from the start.

Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y are busy  on their “2009” tour this Friday in Seattle. Check out the full album if you haven’t already, and hit us with your thoughts when you do. The official full release of the album has been not confirmed yet.  Dolla Sign also became part of the project as he featured himself in “Benz Boys and Problem (Getting Loose)”.

Recently Wiz khalifa completely launched his album “Rolling Papers” on his personal website as the Spotify became the producer for the album.


Further, Khalifa already set his schedule as his concert been set back to back from Feb 10 to May 12. If you’re trying to see Wiz & Curren$y live in person, you can do so on their 2009 Tour. Peep tour dates here


Scrolling down you got the specific dates for his tour “2009” and enjoy his fresh released music and catch him live with stars like Curren$y and Dolla Sign if necessary.

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