Kartik Aaryan Showing Of His Victory To The World

kartik aryaan

The Luka chhupi duo recently appeared on the controversial chat show Koffee with Karan and spilled some beans about their respective journeys into Bollywood without a godfather. Plus, told some personal stuff too about their relationships!! The dapper and most wanted bachelor in B-town Kartik Aaryan came with her co-star Kriti Sanon. Needless, in the rapid fire round the actors somewhat stepped up with some bold statements! Which might get them in a controversial outlook in the future.

Despite having a tough time in the rapid fire round, Kartik Aaryan somehow managed to answer all the questions. And when Karan came up with questions relating Sara Ali Khan, He looked as cute as it can get, also he couldn’t refuse to blush when he was asked, “will you ask Sara Ali Khan on a date” he answered, ” So what I’m doing is, sir, i am just trying to, you know earn more and more money right now. “Saif sir said that if you got money just take her.

“He added, “I don’t know cause she is a princess. So to ask her out on a date.. you know i would require a certain bank balance. At last, he was exuberant about winning the much talked about koffee hamper against his competitor. He showed off his victory to the world by posting a picture on his Instagram titled “ hope you enjoyed koffee, meanwhile am enjoying the hamper. Thank you Karan Johar fir having Kriti Sanon n me on the show” Loving this gesture by Kartik. Hope we are able to see this kind of camaraderie between everyone in tinsel town.


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