UAE Adopts Hindi As Their Third Language


.In a recent meeting, Abu Dhabi has included Hindi as the official language used in its courts. Along with Arabic and English, as a part to improve justice. Further, The Abu Dhabi judicial department on Sunday said that it has extended the adoption of cases and files in Hindi even in the labor cases.


Further, The Hindi speakers will be helped in learning about the litigation procedures. Their rights and duties without a language barrier. According to the resources. Moreover, The population of UAE is around nine million of which 2.6 million constitutes to be the Indian community. The largest part. Yousef Saeed al abri the undersecretary of the ADJD. Said this is an addition to registration procedures to the public through simplified and easy forms and raising litigants. He indicated that the extension of the adoption of forms in many languages comes under the directives of sheikh Mansoor bin zayed al nahyan. The deupty prime minister of presidential affairs ADJD chairman. The first phase of the change in language was adopted in november, requiring the law suits and files also to be translated. Moreover, Thus this is for the betterment for the rights of the people living in dubai.


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