Dan Bilzerian Battles It Out With His Brother

dan bilzerian

As we know that Dan Bilzerian is the guy who never wants to stay at home and roams all around the world week to week. Now he headed to “Necker Island” which are particularly part of Hawaiian Islands. He did things which are quite different from his leisure as he seen playing chess with “Bill Perkins”. Mostly Bilzerian tends to spend time with a bunch of girls but now he is concentrating on mind games.

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Battling with my brother

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He also visited the mini zoo where several koalas were roaming and regarded them as “Little Friends”. This is the first time ever when Dan mentioned glamour in his post as it is usual for him to get a shot with them especially on vacations. This is not, he did something that could amaze everyone as we know that he is a sports geek. And loves Loves to play sports. But there is a twist, he played lawn tennis with a huge racket that doesn’t ring any bells and its absolutely against the rules of the game unless you are Bilzerian.

Dan Bilzerian lives his life king size as he doesn’t worth much as compared to other personalities. But he prioritized his lifestyle to enjoy every second and to squandered his earned money. Recently he had winter theme party in Park City, Utah where he enjoyed in his usual style he known for and making youth jealous of his lifestyle.

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Been having trouble sleeping

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