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Ranveer Singh Oh My You Just Cant Beat His Dressing Style

On-screen Gully boy is commonly known for his unique dressing sense. As he never made any difference in men’s and women’s wear. And always dressed to impress or engaging himself in a controversy. Once again he wore a furry coat, which is commonly known as “Bearskin”. It is also been in trend as attire in pubg for their player. But Ranveer nailed his outfit with white sneakers which is quite different from others and made him Fashionista.

Ranveer Singh is busy nowadays as the promotion of “Gully boy” is going on trend. From Singing raps to showing different outfit day by day, he maintains his style of work. The soundtrack of his new film Gully boy are releasing according to their schedule as his new track “Doorie”. Is out which featuring a collaborative piece with “Rishi rich” and it solely was written to tell the conditions about the lower class of the nation

You can listen to this song here:-


 So Ranveer Singh never disappoints anyone, with the cool and calm behavior he stole many hearts with his act of decency and nature off-screen. He has only one motive “Keep it 100%” in everything from acting to behave in events and gatherings. So after Simba, we will again see him on the screen on 14th Feb as his rapper masterpiece “Gully Boy” takes place on box office.

Akhil Khokhar
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