Beyonce In Her Fabulous Outfit Have A Look


American singer “Beyonce” impressed everyone with her vocals. She has also been an icon for the couples as bonding with her beau “Jay-Z”. But her fashion vista is so cool that she made extraordinary out of the simple collection. In her latest post on Instagram, she was seen wearing orange with the same respective chroma. She’s known for her style and brilliant sense of fashion as her own customized section of brand “House of Deréon”. It is ready to wear clothesline introduce by her Designer mother “Tina Lawson”.

This is not it Beyonce is a controversial figure nowadays as her album “Everything Is love”. With her love Jay-Z is not expected on the list of nominations in biggest music awards “Grammy”. But they are both already amongst the most awarded artists of all time. They are expected to win “Best R&B Performance” for their Collab “Summer” and “Best contemporary album” ”Everything is love” in EMA not in Grammy for sure. The only prize they’ll lose is Best Music Video. Which is forecast to go to Childish Gambino‘s “This is America” instead. That would bring Beyonce from 22 wins to 24.

So it’s not a good week for them but Beyonce keeps on slaying with her killer instincts in her shoot which she always tends to do. Recently the power couple offered that one lucky fan could win a free concert ticket a year for the next 30 years — or. As Beyonce put it, “for life.” They put some terms and conditions upon it as they shared the post on Instagram.

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