Chetan Bhagat’s Piece Of Advice For All Entrepreneurs


Chetan Bhagat, the Indian author, columnist, screenwriter, and motivational speaker known for his Indian-English novels. As we all Know He is a motivational speaker too and made it evident about his thinking of working hard or smart.

In his latest upload on Twitter above Gave a bit of clear advice “there’s no option to work hard or smart”. One Has To work hard As well as smart to gain Excellence in life. These words of advice will help you sustain and be successful in the future. Besides that Chetan Bhagat has a strong hold on the novel industry to the latest release of Chetan Bhagat the girl in room 105 which was the best seller in 2018.

He always inspires the youth with the motivation and his stories and has played a major role in Industry. According to reports and rumors, Chetan Bhagat will release another novel this April lets see how this novel comes up for him.


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