Emma Roberts Enjoying In Hawaii With The Girl Squad


Emma Roberts, the famous and popular actress and singer of the united states, Is currently in Hawaii enjoying the bachelorette weekend of her friend Lea Michele. Along with other girl friends.

Lea Michele uploaded a picture saying “the best bachelorette weekend with my girls”. That also included her other friends Becca Tobin. The American actress also thanked booking.com for the perfect and wild weekend they are enjoying, besides that Emma Roberts is enjoying herself and peaceful time dressed up in denim shorts and crop top saying “island life day 1”

Jamie Lynn Sigler Even took some time off to post a picture in her chilling mode pose. She captioned “I was in paradise this weekend and it was 100 (is this how the kids do it ?? I feel old ?)  While all look in a good spirit, as all eyes were on them. They surely were showing some major squad goals. This makes it clear there is much more to come from the Hollywood actresses. And their wild weekend going on in Hawaii.


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