Rumors Suggest iOS 13 to Drop Compatibility for iPhone 5s to iPhone 6s


A flawed and unsubstantiated talk from Israeli site The Verifier recommends that Apple’s iOS 13 refresh, expected to be reviewed this mid-year at the Worldwide Developers Conference, will drop bolster for various iPhones and iPads.

With respect to iPads, The Verifier trusts Apple will drop bolster for the iPad smaller than normal 2, iPad scaled down 3, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, and perhaps the iPad little 4. The 6th era iPod contact is recorded as a gadget that will likewise be inconsistent with iOS 13.

On the off chance that this talk is valid, and we don’t have the foggiest idea about what it is on the grounds that The Verifier did not give subtleties on where the data is from or how it was gotten, it would see Apple dropping help for three ages of iPhones at one time, a move that appears to be to some degree impossible.

The two iOS 12 and iOS 11 offered help for the iPhone 5s and fresher, the iPad small scale 2 and more current, and the iPad Air and more up to date. At the time iOS 12 propelled, a portion of those gadgets were five years of age.

Dropping help for everything up to the iPhone 7 would leave iOS 13 good just with iOS gadgets from 2016 or later. Two of those gadgets, the iPad smaller than usual 4 and the 6th era iPod contact, are current-age gadgets, however, they may not be when iOS 13 dispatches as updates for both are in progress.

To give occasion to feel qualms about further the site’s cases, it records the iPhone 6s as a gadget that won’t bolster iOS 13 without naming the fifth-age iPad. Both the fifth-age iPad and the iPhone 6s utilize the A9 chip.

The Verifier argues that despite the drop in support for iOS 13 on a wide range of gadgets, Apple will also confine a few iOS 13 highlights to more up-to-date models. While sometimes iOS features are limited to newer devices due to hardware limitations, Apple has a long history of supporting older devices for years after launch.

The Verifier has recently given semi-exact data on Apple’s arrangements. In 2017, for instance, the site said Apple would convey Group FaceTime to iOS 11. We got Group FaceTime, yet not until iOS 12.1 in 2018.


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