Essential apps to be added for 2019 to your new iPhone


Apple’s iPhones now come with a chunk of functionality that has been built into the platform. This list of features includes covering maps, web, email, movies, music, and many others. However, if you tend to stick to the basics provided in the iPhone, you might put on a lot.

Apart from the ones already provided by the manufacturer, there are many third-party applications that can be installed on your iPhone. Overcast is a popular podcast player designated for the iOS platform. This particular app has been blessed with a range of features which includes boosting and normalization of the dialog levels along with an automated silence trimmer. Also, it comes with a range of new ways for improvement of the experience for podcast listening.

Another important app to be added to the iOS platform is Instagram. This app is dedicated to pictures from daily life uploaded to the platform as you connect with various known and unknown individuals at a social level. Apart from its main functionality, the app has been decked with editing and photo filtering. With time, this app has been modified to add direct messaging option and the popular Snapchat-type stories which disappear after being uploaded for 24 hours along with an option for live streaming.

Now, you might want to edit your pictures in a more intense manner apart from the options provided in Instagram. To do this, you might bring in the Afterlight app that can do everything when it comes to editing your pictures in the best way possible. From brightening the dark shadows, all the way to adding stickers to the top of the image.

Let’s jump to the video player part. By far, hands down, VLC Media Player has served as one among the best video players to enter the app market. It covers you perfectly when it boils down to playing audio or video or any format. It is very quick, stable, and seldom haunted by bugs. Additionally, the app provides extra features that might stand useful such as media stream right from the web.

If you have been aware of the movie and video streaming apps such as Spotify and Netflix, it’s time that you should add Plex to this list. This streaming service for iOS can be accessed by Apple users from any corner of the world but only if you pay up the monthly subscription fee of $5.


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