Shortage of tech talent bothering Long Island businesses


100s of the tech jobs have been going unfilled at Long Island when it comes to industries catering to retail, healthcare, transportation, etc. The increasingly buffered use of computer science when it comes to operations in the business industry has brought in the requirement for talent-heads that can fill in for the tech issues ailing businesses today.

This talent crunch has been deemed to worsen with time after Amazon; the giant e-commerce platform completes establishing its operations planned for the Queens area that will house 25,000 employees. Google is also planning to add as high as 7000 workers to its Manhattan base. Despite the rigorous efforts showcased by universities and colleges, the demand for the tech workers outpaced the overall supply bringing in fierce competition when it comes to hiring the best engineers, data analysts, and developers in the area as employees.

Higher salaries being paid in the NYC area when combined with the dearth of proper rental housing in Long Island has lead to escalated disadvantages for local companies seeking a good flow of workers to the base and retaining them for long. Back in the year 2018, the average salary for the workers at Long Island involved in computer sector had been marked at $82,790. This was way low when compared to the $100,950 being paid in nearby city as confirmed by the data acquired from the State Labor Department.

As of now, Long Island stands at negative unemployment mark when it comes to the tech industry. It’s been more than 4 years that the technology discipline has been facing a detrimental scenario when it comes to recruitment of tech employees. Almost every other firm has more than one vacancy to be filled up.

While the overall vacancy count for computer-science based jobs is limited as of now when compared to the total jobs on this Island, the numbers are expected to increase in the upcoming years. In the year 2017, the tech requirement was 25,810 employees when compared to 1.3 million overall jobs in the very same year. This tech employee requirement has increased about 17.5 percent in the past few years as compared to the Chief Regional Economist, Martin Kohli who works for Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The overall number for maths and computer jobs has been projected to increase to the 28,520 mark as we enter the year 2024 given the lack of professionals in the field.


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