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How To Increase Height After 18 (WITH IMAGES)

Is it possible to grow height after 18?

I am sure the very first question that might cross your mind is that is it possible to grow height after 18? You are not alone in this, most of the folks around the world are exhausted of craning there neck up to talk to taller people! Most of you blame the lord of being impartial to you!  To be honest it’s not god it’s mostly influenced by your daily routine and other dietary factors which is tolling to your short stature and apparently half credits go to your genetics. But this isn’t whole story! it’s always better late than never!

There are lot more things you can still work on and might progress in achieving way more inches of height. So yes, you read that right. You can still grow height after 18. But it can be only be imaginable if you have the determination and the will do it. So, with that hope in mind stride ahead to read on to know more about what food and exercises you should opt for height growth.

Now that you know that every single thing that you wish is possible and so is height you must also know that there are certain things which are inside the peripheral that you will have to do to achieve the required. There is a list of exercises and foods that will only assist you to increase your height. Who cares if you are over 18 years but don’t press the delay button harder. Embark on this journey as soon as possible and I bet you will not complain. You will get out of this as more confident and tall ofcourse!

5 Exercises to increase height after 18 naturally

  1. Skipping and jumping

how to increase height after 18

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Tie your shoe laces and get ready to yank up your height! Cardio exercises such as skipping and jumping primarily focus on increasing pumping in the heart. During skipping and jumping all the muscles and ligaments in your body become erect by contacting and stretching resulting in increasing the blood supply and exerts pressure on the bone mass and makes them longer. You can add more variations in the way you jump such as high jump. – do it for 25 times daily for 4 weeks

  1. Hang and hold is the key

hang and hold

The extreme level stretching is hanging and holding on to it for a few seconds. The basic science behind this is that it makes the lower torso’s weight stretch the spine and decrease the pull on the vertebras ensuing the gap between vertebrae which in last allows spinal disk to retain more fluids. Thus, it will lengthen and straighten you along with releasing a growth hormone in the body.

Now, all you need is a horizontal bar placed at such a height that it can consent your body to extend at its best. To raise the level up, you can also wear ankle weights. If you don’t have room to place a rod don’t burden yourself up, we have another amazing substitute for you. Hang yourself on a monkey ladder in a park near your house. Repeat 25 times a day and try to hold on for more than 20 seconds.

  1. Swimming


This definitely is the most soothing exercise that can also add inches to your height. Swimming is a full body workout which stretches every inch of your side such as ligaments, tendons and lengthens your spine in a one go. The regular practice can give you more effective outcomes. After doing a session of swimming treat yourself with adequate nutritious food such as scrambled eggs or a bowl of oatmeal.  Do swimming every day or every alternative day to conquer the burden of a short height.

  1. Do stretching exercises

how to increase height after 18

Involve yourself in a daily session of stretching for 15 minutes or more. it is a superlative technique to relieve stress on your lower back and let your spine stretch out at its full length. There are numerous exercises such as cobra stretch, side stretch, hopping with one leg, Pilates, touching toes, leg stretches, wall stretch, kicking, cat and dog stretching. Add any of the above in your daily workout along with apt nourishing nutrition which will ultimately pave way for the maximum height growth.

  1. Say yes to yoga


Stretching always helps but yoga is like a cherry on the top! It will make you taller and shaper and way more energetically charged. Perform the certain exercises that will not only facilitate you by the release of growth inducing hormones in the body but also make your life better for living. Following are the best yoga exercise to increase height after 18; Surya namaskar, Hasta-Padasana (hand to feet forward bend pose), Sarvangasana (shoulder stand), trikonasana (triangle pose), chakrasana. Practice this on an everyday routine with a healthy balanced diet and you will see the ups in your complete health and longevity.

How to Increase Height After 18 (FOODS TO EAT)

  1. Eat green leafy spinach for height growth

food to eat for hair growth

Spinach is superbly known for the benefits it provides. We have all watched Popeye right? We all saw how he gulped his spinach down and how an array of strength displayed upon him. What most don’t know is that it increases height as well. It has a nutritional set up with loads of vitamins, calcium, iron and fibres that ensure proper growth of the body.

  1. Eggs for height growth


When it comes to fitness and good body and health requirements, it is difficult to keep eggs away from your dietary needs. It is loaded with protein content which helps in developing strong bones and in turn increasing height growth.

  1. Chicken for height growth


Chicken has wondrous benefits to offer for the body and health of a human being. Chicken has protein in abundance which builds up tissues and muscles efficiently. So the ones living in false pretences that height cannot grow after the age of 18 years must consume 50 grams of protein daily and see the magic unfold.

  1. Fish for height growth


Fish is one of the most exotic tasting dishes and comes in various varieties like tuna and salmon. With wonderful taste comes awesome nutritional value. It is known to increase height by greater margins. The fish flesh basically assists in stretching the muscles and making you tall.

  1. Soybean for height growth


For all the vegetarians out there this one is a nutritional treat as soybean contains the most essential and highest quality protein. This pure content increases bone and tissue mass. In order to increase your height a 50 gram intake a day will do great for you.

  1. Ashwagandha for height growth


The Indian ginseng is the greatest foods of all time that you can avail for achieving a great height. You can easily get it for any herbal store and there are more than many ways to get your hands on it. You can simply add it in milk with a tinch of sugar and have it on any time of the day. This routine will surely increase height and this is backed by long time historical evidence. This is the most successful of them all.

  1. Paneer for height growth


All this while we have heard that meat and only meat could do the needful for increasing your height. But that’s not all paneer can also the same and that too with the same intensity. The calcium content in paneer helps you in building bones and increasing height majorly.

  1. Milk for height growth


Haven’t you heard your mom always cribbing and asking you finish the entire glass of milk? And the stubborn child in you always did not listen. That was your biggest mistake because milk is the primary source of calcium which is the bone building source for your body. It possesses certain essential proteins that also make your bones stronger than ever.

  1. Banana for height growth


This one is a fun fruit that is just going to up your game in the arena of height. It is going to stock you up with potassium that is going to strengthen and bind your bones. The strong bones are responsible for height growth. Banana occupies a prominent place in the greatest foods for height growth.

Other tips that determine the increase in Height

  1. Get some tight sleep: The best time to grow your muscle is to sleep sufficiently and at least 8 hours a day is a must. It is alleged that children tend to grow most in their sleep. Make sure you sleep in a correct posture i.e. lie down on your back however don’t place the pillow below your head rather place it under your knees. This will help you to catch the best results as it is a natural posture for the spine.


2.Go out in sun: To achieve those tall looks don’t shy away from the sun rather go out in the sun as it is the easiest way of absorbing vitamin D that turns out the calcium for the body which will spring you with complete strength and length.


  1. Avoid smoking:‘Smoking is injurious to health’ indeed it is! It will stop your prime growth overall along with it also obscures your hormones. So to save yourselves from the wrath of the evils just steer clear from the cigars.


  1. Don’t go for supplements or steroids: It’s a myth that supplements or steroids tends to grow your height in less time. I am not sure they do so but I am dead sure they will cost you a lot of side effects. And regular intake can be highly dangerous for your overall regime.


5.Maintain a good posture: Good posture is the key to attain height. The ideal position to reach so is to walk straight with the shoulder back, sit straight with your chin parallel to the ground. Sleep straight with the pillow under your knee. This will not only increase height but also lift up your confidence and enhance your appearance physically


6.Try playing any fitness sport: Don’t sit much at home rather go for outdoor games or indulge yourself in different fitness sports such as basketball, badminton, tennis or any other outdoor sports you are fond off. This will stimulate the release of growth hormone.

The Bottom Line

In the end I would only like to say that you must not doubt yourself and just believe in yourself. The day you start doing that you will grab all that you want including good height. So brace yourselves up and follow the tips we have placed in a platter for you. I hope you see a difference by just imbibing these small little steps.

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