When To Take Creatine? ( A TO Z GUIDE ON CREATINE)

When To Take Creatine?

Things you should know about creatine before you consume it -a quick guide to all your answers!

We live in a world where people worship “the ZERO size” figure, more or less still there are certain people out there willing to modify the perception of the society at large. We majorly appreciate overweight people to lose weight but it’s a rare sight that we encourage the underweight strata to gain. You know what the irony is? That you always choose to believe that the grass is always greener on the other side. Similarly, if you are plump, you wish to lose the surplus weight whereas if you are thin then you want to gain the mass.

How to Take Creatine: Clearing Up the Confusion! | Bodybuilding.com

It almost seems impossible for someone who doesn’t gain weight to do so. Focusing on zero figure doesn’t make you healthy rather it makes you skinny! And these two things are like apple and orange! Completely contradictory to each other. – the Body needs fuelling the bucket full of wholesome nutrients not just that the weight should be budge according to your BODY MASS INDEX. But in the world of supplements, creatine remains Numero Uno when it comes to gaining muscle mass. So, guys looking for some real gains, this one is surely for you.

Frequently, a large number of people out there are curious about supplements that are available. There’s nothing really wrong with feeling so and why wouldn’t you be so? Because there are too many questions that pop up every now and then for which undoubtedly you don’t have answers. You might be skeptical about all the commodities because they do come with a huge price tag. You must be pondering what comes in this magical package called creatine? What is creatine?  When to take creatine? Should I take a creatine post or pre-workout? Does it actually do wonders or just a game plan for the marketing agencies? Don’t stress it!! Just read on to know and clear all your doubts. Below is a quick guide to all your answers.

What Is Creatine?

The creatine supplementation has come into existence just to fill up your boots with the consumption of a natural substance that can-do miracles and can phonemically transform your body from thin to thick. Surprisingly the natural creatine is formed in the body is an amino acid that is found in our body muscles and in the brain.

What Is Creatine: What It Does, Benefits, Side Effects, Creatine ...

Though sometimes the diet we have is not sufficient to produce energy, therefore, creatine also comes in the form of supplementation yet they are the natural elements that get turned up into creatine phosphate which eventually make a substance termed adenosine triphosphate (ATP) it is the foremost source of cellular energy and in the end, it runs in your muscles in the form of energy.

Some quests have also found that in taking these supplements can increase the strength gains as well as can improve exercise performances and that will rise rapidly by just adding a single scoop of creatine powder into your shaker, besides this, you don’t have to compromise on taste when it comes to creatine because there are a dozen of flavors to choose from. Adding more to this they come in every form making it harder to choose one. However, I guarantee you from my personal experience that one thing is sure short that if you consume creatine, you will gain weight.

Who All Can Use Creatine?

Since 1912 studies are placing in the hall of little Harvard, and one portion that drives public crazy is that who can take it? Here’s the key Creatine are highly claimable to teenagers, women, men, or anyone who is 15 or above can consume it as per their requirement. Not only this they are highly effective for straightening the physique.

Creatine: What It Is, What It Does, and Its Side Effects

This is the biggest myth that creatine is an anabolic steroid and can only be used by professional athletes or bodybuilders. Despite all this, it is extremely helpful for those folks who are dealing to lose fat as the study has revealed where creatine supplementation can recover several mechanisms for fat loss and enhancements to lean body adding more to the list. With the same token, it is also good for those who want to get a stronger built and heavy masses as creatine has the inherent gears that provide muscle hypertrophy and strength development.

Is Creatine Safe To Take?

Whenever our gym trainer ask us to take a supplement the thought that cooks up in the head is whether it is safe or not? Does it have any side effects? Or is sort of a steroid? I am so sure that you go through the same dilemma when your trainer asks you to take up creatine!!

Top 5 Most Effective Times to Take Creatine – Match Your Schedule

My response to this is yes! It is totally safe for those who really want some gains but it’s not for the lazy bums! And to be precise, creatine is also the most studied subject in the history which fallouts in more evidence and in this case, there are no such evidence that say it causes muscle injuries or dehydration, kidney failures and liver damage or cramping and many more other false accusations. Rather consuming creatine reduces your cramps as you are performing high-intensity workout and as far as dehydration is concerned it rather aids your cells to recollect water which is constantly beneficial for the body plus it also gives you higher weight. The exact accuracy in which you should gulp is 4 ounces of water for every 3 grams of creatine. Not more than this, not less than this!

When To Take Creatine? Pre Or Post Workout?

You might have overheard conversations between a trainer and a trainee, or among trainee buddies standing right next to you about creatine. I am sure you have faced the same situation before! Creatine has always been a topic of debate- whether it is good or bad? It’s the same old story. And you know what sounds more familiar to this, when should I actually consume it? Whether to consume creatine pre-workout or post workout? Hold that thought, I have the answer to that.


Want to load your gun with bullets? I mean do you want your muscles cells to be loaded with superpowers? If yes, then simply get ready with your shaker and shake it! Consume it before workout and the result might amaze you a bit! Creatine before workout means more ATP that is adenosine triphosphate. More ATP in our body composition means greater supplementary energy which results in intense workouts and when you have this it means your muscles have the power to conquer the weights. These determinants can lead to more muscle growth. So, you can see where this is leading to. You will be able to lift more, train more and that is what all hard-working trainers need at the end of the day.


Flipping the game towards post workout! All the trainees at the gym usually are really considerate and careful about their post-workout regimes. Also, because during the workout, your muscles have been through a fierce session. They have been torn up right, left and center, hammered and beaten wildly. These muscles of yours become desperately needy for something that boosts up the recovery process. The right thing to do is to feed them with a dose of creatine. And your starving muscle cells will soak in the goodness of the supplement in a snap of a second. This dose of creatine is not only for what the workout session you just dusted away but also for the session you will go for tomorrow.

What research says?

According to the study by “international society of sports nutrition”, a continuous dosage of 5 grams of creatine given to bodybuilders working out 5 days a week pre and post workout and also on their rest days displayed that creatine benefitted almost all the bodybuilders. This study became popular because at its initial stages it proclaimed that creatine works better if taken after the workout than before it. But as later introspection was carried out the earlier results were blurred out.

Creatine During The Workout?

But the question still subsists and growls over your minds. Let me now tell you that you must pick for it at both times. You must consume creatine half an hour before your workout and instantly after you are done with your session. This is how it works best because it activates your muscle fibers like no one else. People around you might even enlighten you with unnecessary advice. One of it involving, asking you to take Creatine whenever you feel like because the job of creatine remains the same. Mind you! don’t listen to them. It’s not like that it is going to cause you any harm but it’s going to be less effective. A scientific study proclaims the same.

Types Of Creatine?

You might have read about creatine online or maybe in fitness magazines and many questions might be popping up in your head that what’s up with creatine? Should I be taking it? But wait which one to take? Just calm yourself up I got all the things bouncing back and how in your mind! Here are some curated types for each one of you whether you are a woman, man or anyone in the house everybody will get some dose of creatine!

Should Women Take Creatine?

Now women are competing with men in every sphere of life every now and then! So why not in the field of supplementation of creatine? Hell, yeah, women! you should definitely go for it! But wait what’s the matter? Did you overhear the trainers about some serious gains of muscles or strength? Although it might be situational as a wide range of researches are done on men but don’t lose your hope sweetheart! There is some sort of indications that are found that state women can also be benefited by taking creatine.

Women in the past have experienced significant muscle creatine accretion and performances enrichment and overall positive effects on their frame. Now, what’s the best creatine for you? The studies have found that

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Should Teenagers Take Creatine?

Though it is a widely recognized notion that teenagers should prefer staying away from supplements. But I beg to differ because when it comes to creatine, it is an amalgamation of natural elements which makes it safer to consume even by this young lot. It is generally used by those young high school athletes and footballers to improve their athletic performances. However, both academies of pediatrics and American college of sports medicine are entirely against this practice as they believe it is not at all safe to intake supplements in this young age.

Therefore, many other researches are needed to authenticate the safety as there are many ifs and buts to this still if your child is really looking forward to performance enhancement, you can have a word with your physician regarding it, and if they settled to it, then you can totally rely on this incredible supplementation named,

Micronized creatine powder by optimum nutrition

The Advantages Of A Creatine Supplement - Muscle Building Blog

It is fully safe for teenagers as it is the lightest of all the creatine supplements yet works better than others. Visibly it powers up the protein and helps you to improve overall effectiveness adding more pros to this, it also boosts the brain functions and improves health.

Why Should Men Take Creatine?

Since decades more than half a ton of researches is taking place on men just to assure that creatine is the finest of all. I believe that there are high probabilities that men might even choose their dose of creatine over their most loved possessions! I mean creatine functions in an out of the box manner for the guys who need lean muscle masses and high built, supercharged strength and unbeatable endurance. Actually one should staple creatine in their daily supplement regime to achieve the same.

If you thought that this is an end to the pros, you’ve got it all wrong. Because creatine also alleviates testosterone levels in men especially those who have crossed the age bar of 30 years. Just to state the fact that there is great extent of supplements that are available for men that work supernaturally. But what I recommend is that you should go for the

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Creature Powder By Beast Sports Nutrition.

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The contents of this one are clinically proven to jack up muscle strength and muscle size along with an immense improvement in performance. This just happens with two super concentrated scoops a day.

There are so many ultra-magnificent benefits of creatine that they are completely unfathomable. This is what makes creatine a megastar among the countless supplements. You have heard a trillion times that creatine allows you to gain muscle mass and strength. But what you don’t know is that these are this just like the roots of a tree that give the foundation to the structure but there is more than the tree can offer. Same goes for creatine!! Here’s how you can make the most out of it.

Benefits Of Creatine To Our Body

Miraculous Energy Booster

Consumption of creatine simply increases your muscle’s phosphocreatine levels. Its achievement in doing so results in the formation of more ATP. ATP is the key molecule that the cells in your body use for its energy requirements and other basic functions that it carries out in its lifetime.  During your workout sessions, this molecule is wrecked down to produce energy. When you work out without this miraculously designed supplement, your body uses up ATP at a higher rate than at which it produces it and when you do use it, the deficiency in the rates is curbed. Rather, not only this, it actually helps your body in producing it at a higher rate now. It also helps in exerting more force. So now you don’t have to shy away from high-intensity workouts at all.

This is What Happens When You Take Creatine | Mind Refit

Effective For Damage Repair

Is any of your muscle sore after injury? Have you had a bad day at the gym due to an injury? Or unable to recover from an injury you suffered in the near past? If you have been struggling with one of these problems then you better be supplementing yourself with creatine. Backed by scientific research and studies, creatine is marvelously effective at repairing muscle damages and speeding up the recovery process. It also plays the role of a pacifier after an intense training session by reducing cramping.

Improves Brain Activity

It almost sounds so freaky!! Realizing a supplement to benefit you in such a manner is supremely satisfying and unfathomable. It actually does benefit your brain health and function and it is no joke. Research clearly demonstrates that our brain requires a certain level of ATP when some difficult task is given to it. Meat is the best source for creatine and non-vegans don’t usually face the problem of running low on such levels.

But what about the vegans who usually run low on creatine levels? This is no rocket science that they’ll have to go for supplementation in such a scenario. Supplements effortlessly increase the phosphocreatine stores in our brain to help it produce more ATP. Creatine refutes brain inactivity by boosting dopamine level and mitochondria. Research clearly proves that creatine improves memory retention and intellectual capacity in vegetarians by 20-50%. The elderly generation that has been on two to three weeks of creatine supplementation have shown signs of better recalling power and memory.

Stand Strong Against Depression

It even acts as an antidepressant! Now that’s some news, isn’t it? Of course, it is. When around 50 women fighting depression in a northeastern nation added a 5-gram creatine supplement to their daily antidepressant they witnessed a life-altering and path-breaking discovery. They experienced improvements in their symptoms as early as 2 weeks into it. The improvement continued for another 4 to 8 weeks. It also helps to battle addiction for methamphetamine.

Ups Your Hydration Level

Prone to dehydration after your exercise routine? Fight it with your handy creatine supplement. Just couple up creatine with glycerol and see the magic unfold. This one is also an effective means of hyperhydration capable of reducing thermal and cardiovascular responses. This benefit extracted out of creatine proves to be a solid one for soldiers, athletes, and emergency workers.

100% Creatine - Six Star Pro Nutrition

Increases body weight

You heard it!! Creatine increases body weight. But wait, let me tell you for a fact that creatine does so without increasing the body mass. Isn’t that wonderful? A research showcased results that 4 weeks of creatine supplementation brought about an increase in the total body weight and total water content in the body without any change in the body fat levels. In short, it is what you call FAT FREE.

Fights Against Various Neurological Disorders

Neurological disorders are a serious deal and anything that even helps to battle even a single percent of its symptoms is like a fairy godmother. Creatine actually does that. It basically creates a buffer stock of ATP in case there is any depletion of it. It is magical indeed as it has shown improvement in the lifespan, muscle strength or motor unit number in patients suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (a disease that targets the brain cells and the spinal cord). This supplement also contributes to treating diseases like Alzheimer’s, ischemic stroke, epilepsy, brain or spinal cord injuries in animal models.

Reduces Fatique

We do everything that we have to but lazily. Mostly this feeling is unasked for and completely unintentional but we have no control over it. In such cases we have creatine to take care of us. In case you have a sleep deprivation, creatine does the job for you. It alleviates your mood. Creatine supplementation also reduces fatigue caused to the legs of intensely trained males working out in the scorching heat. It impacts the females as well, just by delaying the onset of neuromuscular fatigue.

Rules out Parkinsons Disease

Not many of you are aware of this disease. This disease is characterized by the reduction in neurotransmitter dopamine in your brain. Lowering of the dopamine levels is kind of deadly. It causes the death of brain cells, speech impairments, tremors and loss of muscle function. With creatine, there is an improvement in strength not alone in the workouts but otherwise as well.

Whoa! This surely was a magnanimous list of benefits and that to great ones but like well said, ‘There is always a flip side to a coin’ with the innumerable benefits that creatine brings with itself, it’s only justified that there will be some side effects here and there. So here is a quick overview of all the negatives.


If you are in the delusion that creatine will work its enchantment without you working out then you are highly mistaken. Working out is of supreme importance if the benefits are to be extracted. You cannot just consume it while you are sitting idly with that thought in mind.

As the great saying goes, excess of everything is bad. It perfectly fits this situation in particular. You must consume creatine according to your body requirements or as per advised by your trainer and not more than that.


Symptoms like abdominal pains and upset stomach occur. These symptoms can emerge from time to time. It is obviously not a life-threatening disease but it surely can aggravate to diarrhea or constipation in some rare cases as well.

Creatine is not certified by the food and drug administration.

It is a super easy job to contaminate creatine with the potentially dangerous supplements. The only way to fight this side effect is to buy only those supplements that are provided by the companies that are best in the business and those that are verified by a third-party certificate.

Creatine dosage can overlap with other medications.

If you are on medications that in some way or the other has effects on the liver or on the kidney then you must steer clear from creatine for sure. In case you don’t know which medications these are, these include cyclosporine, aminoglycosides, gentamicin, tobramycin, anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen among many others.

Creatine creates the likelihood of rhabdomyolysis.

This is a condition wherein the muscle breaks down and leaks an array of harmful proteins. Hers comes the saviour creatine. This in a way originated because this disease is caused by the increase in creatine kinase which increases with creatine dosage. Although creatine increases the creatine kinase levels to a permissible limit and not to a position where it is capable of causing this disease. Thus, you should avoid creatine only if your creatine kinase levels are already high.

Creatine causes bloating

This is not always necessary that creatine causes bloating. Bloating can be a consequence at times less than you will expect. Bloating doesn’t necessarily display any life altering consequence but it for sure causes discomfort to many. It can distinctively vary from mild to severe.

Causes nausea and dizziness.

There are countless reasons for the happening of nausea and dizziness and among all these reasons creatine can also be one of them. Continuous consumption can lead to it. Obviously, it doesn’t result in great extents of the same but minute situations like these can surely arise.

 The Bottom Line

When you weigh all the benefits and the side effects on a golden scale, you will surely accept that benefits overpower the negatives for sure. The negatives are just like a drop in a widespread ocean, that is they are entirely insignificant.  Now that you are aware of all the know-how of this supplement, it is sure you must try it. We hope you got what you were looking for when to take creatine . With the goodness of a million benefits, creatine is here to sweep away all your doubts and make you stronger and healthier. So it is up to you TRAIN INSANE OR REMAIN THE SAME!


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