How To Defrost Frozen Chicken Breast (WITH PICS)


How To Defrost Frozen Chicken Breast In 4 Easy Steps?

What if I spell it by telling you my tiny little secret! Though it might pacify you a bit and that is, I have a major OCD. In my case, it means “obsessive chicken disorder” What? I know I caught you! Now wipe that smirk off your face. I am sure you are fully snugged by me. So the question is how to defrost frozen chicken breast? However, there is nothing bad in it. I mean who can resist those lusciously scrumptious looking chicken breasts bouncing back and how! Yet always manage to charm our heart loud which eventually. Drive you crazy to grab a bite but can you just stop at one? No, you just can’t! Because those little smirky wicked chicken eyes following you all over until you fully
gobble it up and sooner or later you know what next follows!

You actually end up doing the same. The same old story takes place with every chicken lover and gym freaks over the years yet loving those brawls though! But you know what again sounds familiar that why you have to be in a row to clutch those mouth-watering frozen chicken breasts inside your tummy? How to Replace these hours of waiting to defrost frozen chicken breast? Which takes like forever to defrost that always ended up ordering food from outside! Then mumbling one question again and again that Why can’t just they be a quickie and easy?

Here I come to fill up your boots with some kitchen hacks. To start with it here’s the quick tip first, all the techniques are to be done in the right way to prevent the growth of uninvited harmful bacteria. Secondly, The best way to defrost a frozen chicken breast mostly depends on how often you plan to cook it. don’t you worry there are no technical methods to it, they are totally safe and easy! Plus, it’s high time, now you don’t need to control your chicken
cravings whenever hunger takes a toll. Just come along with me as I take you down the lane
and tell you the numerous means by which you can defrost frozen chicken breast properly.

Give Your Frozen Chicken Breast A Water Bath!

The very first step in your to-do list which is yet the fastest of every other technique and quite simplest of all! The best way of changing the rock-solid frozen state to thawed is to deforest your chicken with the help of cold water. All you require is to seal pack your frozen chicken breast firmly to a plastic bag. Adding to this it can be vacuum sealed bags or zipper top storage bags as waterlogging can trigger you in a problem by giving shelter to those
sinful bacteria to grow into dangerous levels.

Not only this, say a big ‘no no’ to hot water as it can also burden you a bit and infect before you start to wonder about bacteria, they just got double than you thought in few minutes. According to the United States of the Department of
agriculture, “the danger zone” which is the temperature should not lie between 40 to 140 F. So, fix it by shifting your tap from red to blue!

Moving on to the next step, submerge the frosted chicken breasts into a large pot of cold water and to safeguard the breasts keep altering the water after every 30 minutes or less, make sure its cool. moreover, make it QUICKER by giving your frozen chicken breast a dribbling water bath as water generates heat better than air which ends up melting of icing from chicken. The choice is in your hands! In both the conditions you are flushing away the bacteria.
No more waiting for dinner to come!

From Freezer To The Refrigerator

Ready for some prior thanksgiving? As this might take a while and I am sure this process will give you some major patience check. You need to do some serious planning beforehand, though it is the steadiest of all the generated outcome is best of all! As doing so allows the chicken to gradually defrost as a result it has time to re-absorb the icing that gets formed between the fibers. Although while cooking you will feel the huge variance as you get the right texture as well as it will be delectable in taste. And like the saying goes, ‘the fruit of patience is sweet’.

By bridging more to this is that it could take a day or a two depending upon what you got for dinner if it’s a lesser pound of meat or boneless chicken it takes 24 hours or less whereas, If your fridge is jam-packed with a whole giant chicken or above 5 pounds it might take a very long waiting period which can even last for more than 1 day. All that waiting eventually pays off though! Now you have to transfer frozen chicken breast from freezer to refrigerator to defrost it.

This method is totally safe as it protects the chicken from the rage of harmful bacteria. This not only helps
your refrigerator to be filled with a bundle of chicken breasts in advance but also helps you to overcome those last-minute cravings and put a stoppage on it. So whenever hunger strikes bump yourself into those tempting chicken breasts and indulge yourself in the yummiest meal of the day.

Use The Microwave For Instant Thawing

When I say I need those tempting looking chicken breasts, it means I want it there and then! No ifs no buts! can it be done immediately? Or first I have to compromise it with some water bathing or shifting techniques? My answer to this question is YES it can be done instantly or I should rather say in just a few minutes of turning and boom it’s ready to serve in your dinner plates! Pull the door of your microwave, stuff your chicken inside it, turn the
defrost setting on to thaw your chicken. And in a matter of few minutes, your chicken breast will be defrosted but after this, it should straightaway go to your kitchen.

Because the more you delay your chicken breast after putting it out the more it can result in the growth of bacteria as they can sense their new home and can splash direct into it.

Second thing you should keep in mind is that you might as well receive some timely treats but, in this the technique, the quality can suffer a lot as its likely to overcook it from the outer skin and yet the pieces are not shaped all over correspondingly plus it dries out by the time inside temperature grasps 165F which is slightly the ‘danger zone’ according to the USDA.
Caution – never re-refrigerate the microwaved defrosted leftovers without cooking it first . And after cooking put the leftovers in air packed containers.

Cook Your Chicken In Full Swing

Tired of watching your clock every now and then? Don’t get miffed with the various complex ideas of defrosting your chicken breast rather just cook it in an instant. Yes! You Heard it right? You can defrost frozen chicken breast instantly! Hurry up and save your day by cooking the frozen chicken breast straight in the cooker! But mind it, this may sound like the quickest but everything comes with a price tag! it takes more than 50% longer time to cook equated to others plus to great for those recipes like soup and stews. Which need extra stirring and dedication. Other procedures (roasting, sautéing or microwaving) can root uneven consequences like grilling the chicken from outside edges yet uncooked from inside. Not just this, it also exerts a powerful impact on the flavour and texture of the chicken giving it a rubbery effect.

Warning! Warning! Warning!

Whatever method you choose from the upside down, don’t leave your frozen chicken breasts on the counters of your home. It is not the best way to defrost. Rather it can cause a great pain in your ass as it can result in a feast for bacteria like salmonella, clostridium per fringe, sand staphylococcus aureus and many more others.

I know it sounds hazardous but it is true! These bacteria live in the skin of the birds although when you cook the chicken they die eventually if you have left poultry raw or undercooked, it has the ability to allow bacteria to process and in a single blink of an eye they become triple their number and if in the end, you consume that up it can source you a life-threatening infection in your veins. besides that, One tiny little micro miniature can cause you a lot. This illness called campylobacteriosis strikes roughly 2.4 million Americans every year. So BEWARE!!

So Now that we are done and dusted with all the thawing techniques, you must as well know everything about what you are stuffing inside your stomach. From benefits to tips, we have everything on the table for you.

Benefits Of Frozen Chicken Breast

Wondering why all the health conscious people go gaga over the chicken breast? Though it doesn’t even require you put a minute of thought into it because it is completely simple. It is because it offers so many health benefits. Also, you don’t have to go around in and about the city to consume chicken breasts as you can keep frozen ones in your home itself. But there’s always a flip side to a coin. So remove all the negatives and how you better steer clear of the pre-packaged chicken breasts. Rather opt to freeze fresh chicken breast in the freezer in order to increase its shelf life.

So let’s take a glance at what these benefits are:-

Lasts Super Long

Fresh chicken breast frozen at home can last up to one year in a freezer that is zero degrees Fahrenheit or lower. To freeze a chicken breast at home, you have to simply portion it out into the serving sizes that you require and then wrap it around in a butcher wrap or place them in freezer bags. Remove as much air as there can be from between the packaging and the chicken breast to reduce freezer burn and minimize the amount of space taken up in the

Provides Wholesome Nutrients

A 3 ounce serving of raw and fresh chicken breast has 101 calories per serving with a little over 18 grams of protein and it only carries 2.6 grams of total fat. Chicken breast is an unmatchable source of iron, potassium, selenium, phosphorous, vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin B6, and niacin.

Helps in Weight Loss

Hoping to lose weight as quickly as it can be? Then chicken breast should be your best friend as it is excellent for weight loss. A weight loss diet chart essentially comprises of foods that are rich in high levels of protein which are therefore effective in losing weight. Since chicken breast is high in protein, it keeps your stomach full.

Reduces Risk Of Cancer

Yes, you heard that right!! Consumption of chicken breast as compared to red meat reduces the happening of cancer to a certain limit Besides that It is also backed by various scientific studies that agree that it actually offers such an up.

Boosts Metabolism

Chicken breast contains vitamin B6 that raises metabolic cellular reactions and enzymes. Which mean that consuming chicken breast, will maintain the health of your blood vessels Besides that, It also keeps your energy levels in check and boosts metabolism, so that your body can burn more calories.

What people usually do is that in order to make their chicken breast tastier than it actually is. They start to cook it in different ways. Not many of you know that the means by which you prepare your chicken breast can add hundreds of calories to the final fat and calorie count of your meat, Besides That Roasting, broiling or boiling the breast is generally considered as the healthiest preparation methods. Frying or sautéing the meat in butter or oil will only add fat and fat and calories to it. Over and above it, if you are topping your chicken breast with the drooling additives like barbeque sauce, olive oil, or dipping sauces, it will only boost your calorie and fat intake.

Chicken Breast Tips

In for a quick fix to your chicken breast desires? Hey, don’t you worry because these are the keys to you having a wonderful meal. Which is super healthy and doesn’t even require all your day’s time? You should use low-calorie chicken breast in different types of recipes. For instance, low carb stuffed chicken breasts are a delicious way to enjoy them. Lean protein intake if you have been following a low carbohydrate diet. Just top your most favourite go-to salad with some pieces of minced boiled chicken breast. You can also do the same to your soup.

For all the lovers of pita bread, I have great news for you. Want to level up the fun of having a pita bread? Just mix up all the veggies with a handful of minced chicken breast. And fill up your pita bread with it. It makes for a healthy lunch or dinner.

The Bottom Line

This is all the up and above you must know about the consumption of a frozen chicken breast. We have summed it all up and served it in a platter just for you. We Have Explained everything about how to defrost frozen chicken breast its benefits. We hope you will get what are you looking for.


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