10 tips to make the most of the last days of Lent

Jasjot Singh

A few days before the start of Holy Week, the most important liturgical season of the Catholic Church, we share 10 tips that will help you make the most of what remains of Lent, based on its three fundamental pillars: prayer, fasting and alms.

The forty days of the liturgical season of Lent give us the opportunity to renew our conversion; that is, to repent of our sins and change something about ourselves to get closer to Christ; and thus be able to receive in the best possible way the great feast of Easter.

Although many Catholics are living this penitential liturgical season with the proper attitude, others perhaps did not know its meaning and are not making the most of it. If you are one of them, do not worry, because it is not too late to start today and live intensely the remaining days.

Thanks to the book Holy Hacks: Everyday Ways to Live Your Faith & Get to Heaven, today we share with you 10 tips to make the most of the last days of Lent.


1. Pray for others

One of the spiritual works of mercy is praying for the living and the dead. This year let us pray especially for the thousands affected and deceased by the coronavirus.

2. Give thanks to God for the bad things that happen to you

It is important to remember to thank God at all times, even when we have to face inconveniences or go through difficulties. If your circumstances allow it, take advantage of this time to visit the church to thank the Lord for the graces you receive, but also for the difficulties, and ask for his help to face them with patience and trust in Him.

3. Take your sufferings and join those of Christ in his passion and crucifixion

In the book “The Divine Mercy in my soul: The diary of Santa Faustina”, the religious saint who received messages from Jesus about the devotion to Divine Mercy, and who revealed them in her 600-page diary, explained that her sacrifice charges sense when joined to the Lord.

4. Do the Via Crucis at home

Go to your parish and pray the way of the cross in community; but in case this is not possible, you can also do the stations walking in different rooms of your house or in a quiet place. The important thing is to pray meditating on the sufferings of Christ for us.

5. Pray for the person who offends or irritates you

The Lord Jesus asked us to pray and do good to everyone, especially our enemies. This time is propitious to pray for those who dislike us, irritate us, offend or annoy us.


6. Eat only one meal a day

For some people, this sacrifice can be very great, especially after having lived for a long time in quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic; therefore, it can be a good offer to choose a day in Lent where you eat only one meal.

7. Fast on bread and water

Andrew LaVallee, founder of Live the Fast explained that “a bread and water fast teaches us to distinguish between what we need and what we want”, and to enter “in a poor spirit, because our food is simple but satisfying”.

So choose a day where you only eat bread and water, or you can also decide not to eat between meals, or have a dessert or sweet after lunch or dinner.


8. Ask God to reveal the “Lazarus” of your life

In this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the large number of people who need your help in a very concrete way became visible.

Today more than ever there is someone who needs us to meet their urgent needs, such as food and medicine, so ask God for the grace to be able to recognize him and act with mercy.

9. Donate the money intended for non-essential things

If you refrain from something non-essential, donate that money that you would use to the poor. You can look for charitable initiatives that await the generous donations of all, or help the poor that you see along the way and need your help.

10. Collaborate with other worthy causes

Although food and medicine for the most needy are important, there are also other worthy causes with which you can collaborate, and which require financial support to achieve their noble purposes.

For example, you can collaborate with charity hospitals, orphanages, help centers for pregnant women and any cause that contributes to improving the dignity of people facing difficult situations.

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