10 reasons to love ‘Separation’, the series of the year


It is hard to believe that ‘Separation’, the masterpiece released this year on an increasingly essential Apple TV + in the field of series, is a debut. Because of the overwhelming talent that he gives off in every way, yes, but also because of the depth of his story, the millimetric precision of his narration and the overwhelming number of successes that accumulate in each and every one of his episodes. But, incredible as it may seem, yes, this is the first work as creator of a Dan Erickson that has been released with a contemporary classic.

10 reasons to love ‘Severance’, the series of the year

1 starting point

Forget the person you are the moment you walk through the door of your work. Forget the person you have been in your workplace a few minutes after finishing your day. Two phrases, a (memorable) concept and you’re in. The starting point of ‘Separation’ is one of those that make you throw yourself passionately in front of the screen to discover if the rest of the elements are up to the task or not. And in this case, fortunately, they are. And a lot.

Separation in eCartelera 2 Ben Stiller

ben stiller

We all love the actor Ben Stiller, both in his unforgettable works in comedy, his comfort zone, and his punctual adventures in the drama. However, it is convenient to celebrate with more and more intensity his extraordinary talent as a director, a facet in which he has already signed classics such as ‘Zoolander (A madman in fashion)’, ‘Tropic Thunder: A very bitchy war!’ or ‘A madman at home’. In the case of ‘Separation’, Stiller is in charge of directing practically the entire season, offering his best work to date behind the camera. Precise, intelligent, sophisticated and in a constant state of inspiration.

Separation in eCartelera 3 Adam Scott

adam scott

Being used to seeing him in supporting roles and in fields much closer to pure comedy, the impact of Adam Scott’s performance in ‘Separation’ is even greater. From the first plane to the last, especially in this last one, the actor’s work is a true demonstration of balance, containment and perfect handling of different registers when it comes to moving, entertaining, intriguing and moving. A capital interpretation that, beyond the surprise due to the aforementioned antecedents, is situated in the field of the incontestable.

Separation in eCartelera 4 Soundtrack


Theodore Shapiro, the person in charge of the impressive soundtrack of ‘Separation’, also comes from the world of comedy, a genre in which he has developed a great part of his previous career. However, the jump from him to science fiction has been resolved with a sweeping success thanks to a score full of beauty, sensitivity and risky ideas that work like a charm and constantly contribute to the images without ever falling into unnecessary underlining. Dazzling work.

Separation in eCartelera 5 John Turturro & Christopher Walken

John Turturro & Christopher Walken

Even if they had come out in the background in a frame of any chapter, having the presence of two actors like John Turturro and Christopher Walken is already an extra value. But it is that, in addition, his work in ‘Separación’ is much more than an anecdote, becoming two secondary characters of real weight within the story. A luxury for a series that, in case something is missing, offers absolutely fascinating characters whose shared plot is another great (and very exciting) success. A gift, wow.

Separation in eCartelera 6 Intro


Summarize without deciphering. Hypnotize without too many artifices. Hook without option to replica. Condense the identity of the series in minimum time. These are just some of the many goals achieved by the intro of ‘Separation’, one of those that you don’t get tired of watching episode after episode. And a top-notch visual work of art.

Separation in eCartelera 7 Patricia Arquette

Patricia Arquette

If you are going to have a villain in your story, not a doubt, that she is played by a talent of the stature of Patricia Arquette is the best thing that can happen to you. The presence, personality and charisma of the wonderful actress is another of the multiple virtues that a series treasures that finds in her an interpretation as dedicated as it is precise.

Separation in eCartelera 8 Cliffhangers


Little or nothing matters that the rest of the episode was full of brilliant ideas, a cast dedicated to the cause or little big surprises, when the last minutes come, my goodness, ‘Separation’ is going to make you need to keep holding on to it . There is not a bad one, of course, but the last chapters are really crazy. From turn to turn. And from jump to jump on the sofa.

Separation in eCartelera 9 Combination of genres

mix of genres

Science fiction. Family melodrama. surreal comedy. Social reflection. Classic intrigue. ‘Separación’ bets on everything and lands on his feet after each of his jumps. Whether focusing its efforts on some of these genres in particular or deciding to combine them all at the same time, a crazy thing, we speak of a series in a permanent state of perfect balance. Impossible maneuvers that seem simple when produced in the field of excellence.

Separation in eCartelera

Dream start for a career that, from this first hit on the table, is beyond the promising, fully entering the territory of exciting certainty. A justified passion in a series that, in addition to engaging from its first and memorable bars, achieves something as extremely complicated as growing from infinity. And not go down a step until the impressive final arreón of his first season.


An earthquake in the world of television fiction that, luckily, has managed to unify the enthusiasm of critics and audiences since the impact and addiction. There is little more than half a year ahead, yes, but it is hard to believe that any other series released in 2022 can bring us as much satisfaction as ‘Separation’. And we need the one in its second season.

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