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A 12-year old easy going boy committed suicide after being ‘targeted by the bullies’


On Thursday, a 12 year old boy, Mason Warwick took his own life in Brighton. The Paramedics teams was called. But however, they were unable to save the little boy. Parents of Mason, Kelly and Daniel claimed that he committed suicide because of the ‘nasty bullies’. However, the police has not confirmed it officially.

Moreover, Mason Warwick was taken to hospital after emergency services. The services were called to the house in Queen’s Park Road, Brighton. But the Varndean School pupil could not be saved. Mason was a easy going person for the family and the friends. Also his mother, when paying him tribute addressed him as a ‘special angel’. The parents said, “He was our amazing special angel”. Further more, A family relative of Mason said, “He was the loveliest sweetest boy.”

Further he added, “He was happy-go-lucky, really polite, and loved by everybody. You couldn’t’ ask for a better kid.”

However, suicide of this sweet boy left everyone shocked and in pain. One of his friend remembered him and said, “He was a really sweet boy and he was a really nice person. The fact he took his own life really surprised us because he seemed like a happy person. He seemed like a really happy person.”

Although, Mason’s death is not treated suspicious by the police. Moreover a fund raising page and event is setup for the family. The page states that the boy took his own life because of being bullying. All the money collection raised from the page and the event will go to his family.

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